Bach Flower Practitioner often ask their client during consultation,

Think about the sort of person you are

The way you are feeling

Feelings & thinking expressed by a person may guide a Bach Flower Practitioner, to the Bach remedy required by that person, which may be helpful to him. Most of the time when a Bach Flower Practitioner ask the clients to describe “How did that make you feel” the client may sometimes find it difficult to bring out their feelings. Often “Good or “bad “may be the answer & that is especially more with children.

As one get older he may broaden the response to include Dr Paul Ekman’s, six basic emotions of  happiness, sadness, fear, anger, surprise and disgust although there are many more emotions & corresponding Bach Flower Remedies for those various emotions  such as guilt, (Pine) resentment (Willow), jealousy, (Holly)  etc. Thus an unfortunate situation is likely to elicit many kinds of emotions & not just one or two or three.

A Bach Flower remedy mix can be made by mixing upto 6/7 remedies which works on various emotions. There are 38 remedies in Bach Flower Remedy system but mixing them gives nearly 293 million possible combinations, enough to treat every possible negative mental/emotional state.

The most important thing for all of us is to become emotionally literate and next time if one is in a situation that evokes strong emotional response try to consider the range of emotions you might be feeling. A Bach Flower Therapy Practitioner may be of help to you for overcoming those emotional/mental distresses.

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