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About Us

Virendra  Sonasaria has completed his MBA in Education Management & M.Sc. in Psychology. He has worked in Holistic & complementary healing for over 25 years while on a path of personal and spiritual development. He has a passion for the Bach Flower Remedies and has used them both, personally and professionally for more than 20 years. He is a certified Telepathic Animal Communicator & also works with plants & land.

Why Bach Centre approved Course?

Courses that have not gone through The Bach Centre UK’s approval process sometimes include wrong or misleading information about the remedies, as do many books. The Bach Centre’s Bach Foundation programmes aim to teach the original method as laid down by Dr Bach. 

Our Level-1 Course

Students who wish to learn the magnificent Bach flower remedy system now have the option to begin their Level -1 course ONLINE. The online Level-1 course is now available in English, Hindi & Marathi languages; approved by the Bach Centre, UK.

Upcoming Events

10 Dec 2023

Online Level 1 course (English)

01 Nov 2023

Online Level 1 course (English)

08 Oct 2023

Online Level 1 Weekend course (English)


Book yourself to a one-on-one personalized Bach Consultation with Bach Centre UK trained practitioner & a licensed teacher. We have experience in healing clients of all ages from infants to old aged persons for more than twenty years. Animals & plants are equally benefitted from application of Bach Flower Remedies to their problems.  

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