All Bach Centre-approved courses teach the original simple method used by Dr. Bach. An approved course is always recommended whether you want to become a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP), or just want the best possible training.

There are three core levels of training. Students who aspire to join The Bach Centre Register must complete them in 1-2-3 order. This ensures all practitioners have the same solid grounding in the system.

Why learn a Bach Centre approved course?

Courses that have not gone through The Bach Centre UK’s approval process sometimes include wrong or misleading information about the remedies, as do many books. The Bach Centre’s Bach Foundation programmes aim to teach the original method as laid down by Dr Bach. You are going back to the source if you follow these courses, and that is done most effectively if you start from first principles and learn from any Bach Centre approved courses.

Disseminating authentic Bach Education in India through the courses approved by The Bach Centre UK is our primary goal. These courses are conducted by us through Bach Flower Therapy and Teaching India. Bach Flower Therapy & Teaching – India has successfully conducted many Level -1 courses not only in Mumbai but also in Nagpur & Pune. We shall soon cover many more places in India to disseminate Bach Centre UK approved courses. If students in a group are desirous to organise a Bach Centre Approved Level -1 course in their cities by Bach Flower Therapy & Teaching – India they may kindly contact us.

We offer Bach Centre approved Level 1 courses in English, Hindi & Marathi. Upon successful completion of the course the students will receive Level 1 course completion certificate from Bach Centre UK.

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