The whole world is gripped by fear of 2019 novel coronavirus now officially named coronavirus disease (COVID-19) by WHO. Recently, the Health Minister of our country and many other doctors too; were seen on television and through other print and electronic media requesting people not to panic, fear about the outbreak of coronavirus disease. It is a well known fact that the fear of disease is more harmful & directly affects the immunity & may retard the recovery of a patient suffering a disease. That means the mind which is free of negative emotions, feelings & thoughts may actually contribute in speedy and positive outcome in a diseased condition. Although people are aware of this fact; in reality many find themselves immediately afflicted by various negative emotions the moment they know of their sickness (labelled diseases). Such situations are one of the apt situations where Bach Flower Remedies may prove extremely beneficial in lifting our spirits & instilling confidence in us of overcoming our diseases. Selection of Bach Flower Remedies for a person is based on his/her emotional outlook, the mood, temperament & personality of the concerned individual. (to know more on this please visit (

Absence of any proven medicine against COVID-19 and exponential increase in rate of death worldwide with COVID-19 has multiplied the fear of this disease exponentially & its effects are seen in diverse sectors such as financial, tourism etc. A lady who has been consulting for her ailments and much relived of her distressed conditioned with Bach Remedies on her last visit told me that she is extremely fearful of the corona virus disease and her only wish was if her family is infected with COVID-19 all her family members should die at once & no one should be left behind (family consists of mother, father & daughter). The thought of any one family member surviving & especially her 9 year old daughter living without the parent had become extremely agonising .Her blood pressure & diabetes went hay wire. Worried from this thought she took professional help of lawyers, doctors & other to ensure that in case her daughter survives alone, she should not have a difficult life and would be financially independent. Inspite of help from these professional she just could not avoid thought of no such unwanted situation occurring in their life & her fear went on increasing daily.

While we know that people fear for their own life in such diseases the doctors treating her were finding it exceptionally difficult to reduce the fear of what would happen to her daughter, if she survived; alone. Students who have completed Bach Centre, UK approved courses know that Dr. Bach had grouped his 38 remedies under seven groups & the group; Remedies for Fear have five remedies under that heading .Out of few remedies that were worked out for the lady mentioned above Red Chestnut – over-concern for the welfare of loved ones was one of the remedy in her treatment bottle. Within a fortnight after taking her indicated Bach Flower Remedies she was much calm & balanced now thinking & feeling much positive.

The remedies in Fear group are

Mimulus: known fears (those you can name, identify)

Aspen: Fear of the unknown

Rock Rose: terror or panic, fright

Cherry Plum: fear of the mind giving way; fear of losing control

Red Chestnut: fears or over-concern for the welfare of loved ones. Other Bach Flower Remedies may also be called in upon confirmation of their emotional outlook, the mood, temperament & personality of the concerned individual. If one finds difficulty in choosing correct Bach Remedies for self or for others he/she may take help of a Bach Centre Registered Practitioner (BFRP). A complete list of BFRP worldwide is available at

Corona Virus & Bach Flower Therapy

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